Please pray for our church family members who are sick, hospitalized or receiving special care.

St. Joseph’s Hospital
Jim Jecen (Joyce Jecen’s husband)

At Home or Rehab Center
Elaine Day (SVPC)
Barry and Jean Graumenz
Linda Mayer (Julie Leonardo’s mother)
Kyra Northrup Sandra Sproul (Krista LaPoint’s mother)
Chuck Taylor
Barbara Voltz

Ongoing Care and Concern
Josie Abrams (SVPC)
Bronwyn Barr
Janet Haire (SVPC)
Sherry Hothem
Janey Kincella (Pam Haumann’s niece)
Marcia and Jack Kincella (Pam Haumann’s relatives)
Sarah Schramm (Carolyn Schramm’s daughter)
Greg Smith (Donia Mrozek’s and Kevin Smith’s cousin)

Members and Friends who are Homebound
Emilie Bachmann
Marian Siddall
Alice Bleich
Pat Strong
Marion Buermann
Dolores Thompson
Betty Dodd
Claire Varacellie – SVPC
Esther Forster
Dennis Walker
Harriet Gabriel
Sandra Walters
Dina Gerlach (SVPC)
Brenda Wilber
Gudrun Koslowsky
Bobbi Mettler
Marva Metz

Sympathy is extended to Pr. Gracious Moyo, family and friends on the deaths of three close members of his extended family. The accident happened in Zimbabwe on January 2nd .

Sympathy is extended to Barb Voltz, family & friends on the death of Barb’s husband John on December 25th. Services were at Most Holy Rosary Church, Syracuse on December 30th.

Updated January 13, 2017

Dawn Rodgers